Sleep Among The Dead

by Doomstress

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Vinyl released by DHU Records (Netherlands)
CD released by Ripple Music (US)


released May 10, 2019


all rights reserved



Doomstress Texas

Doomstress is heavy doom stoner metal feat: Doomstress Alexis (bass&vox) Brandon Johnson (gtr/backing vox) & Tomasz Scull (drums).
"DOOMSTRESS brings a hard edge to modern doom w/nods toward classic influences "-The Obelisk
"It’s Thin Lizzy-ish gone heavy Doom"- Drgaon@Metal Nexus
"Rooted in classic hard rock(Deep Purple/ Rainbow)& later, doom-dirge bands(Candlemass/Cathedral)-MetalUnderground
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Track Name: Bitter Plea
Walking a trail of self destruction
too many pieces to mend
I stoke those fires and let 'em rage
cause I know I'll burn in the end
I abandon self preservation
and watch a lifetime turn to ash
Forever seeking out some other truth
but there's no escaping the past
Ask myself will this hell ever end
Cycle repeats, time and again
Plead with the waves to carry me from the shore
Drag me down til there is no pain anymore
Push it harder just one more day
the path ablaze with devastation
Every day sinking further and further
into this fog of desolation
Solo: Brandon Johnson
Consumed by this loathsome void that's within
Left to choke on my own bitter taste of hate
And as this torment entombs me
I realize too late that it's all futile
Solo: Brandon Johnson
Track Name: Burning Lotus
All your life's been a conflict raging inside
It's brought you down to your knees
The ghosts in the mirror, born of your nightmares,
They pine for release

Blackest night and the flower blooms
Stone cold, weeping flames
the petals fall like burning tears
For too long now you've dwelt in the shadows
All you've heard are their screams
A void full of echos that swallow the light,
but for the fire you seek
Solo: Matt Taylor
Too many disguises and too many lies
They twist and rot your mind, rot inside
Awaken sleeper for so long, you have been lost
Now open your eyes, open your mind
Solo: Kent Stump
Track Name: Dreaming Spider
Solo: Brandon Johnson
Spin your webs before the morning sun
Breaking dawn
Collecting dew reflecting strings of jewels
Your riches shown
You've made your play, the game is set
The pieces move
Your opulence laid in shadow scheme
On this field of doom
Sleep now-infinity-your dreams of doom

Sleep now-divinity-your dreams of doom
Awakened-in silken tombs-your dreams of doom
Sleep now-affinity-your dreams of doom
Impulse has called thoughts turn to the catch
You lure and lead
Unwilling drawn into your womb of death
The spell you weave
You've made your play, the game is set
The stakes are high
Your opulence laid in shadow scheme
On this wheel of life
Solo: Brandon Johnson
Track Name: Your God Is Blind
Reap what you sow
You planted hate, now your seed is overgrown
Baptized upon the blood of the innocent sacrificed
Your sins won't be absolved
Complacent in their “holy” lies
Forced to your knees-Your god is blind
You've been deceived-Your god is blind
The eyes that bleed-Your god is blind
Your god is blind
Live with your shame
You brought this world down in flames
Too late you see the writing on the wall
Beneath your war machines you watch your children crawl
Solo: Brandon Johnson

Unlike that blood on your hands today
That stain on your soul, it never washes away
Thousands of years of wars the human race
Has waged beneath these skies-the silence doesn't lie
The cries of orphans echo, answered by
The cruelty of their fate-And still they wait
In sullen pain, born unto the grave
Solo: Brandon Johnson
Unlike that blood on your hands today
That stain on your soul, it never washes away
Solo: Brandon Johnson
Solo: Matt Taylor
Track Name: Bones and Rust
Solo: Matt Taylor
Spilling forth is a darkness
Flooding from their eyes
The crush of cold black waters
In which no life can thrive
Dawning only brings
Stillborn tomorrows
And as this vessel empties
All life consumed by sorrow
And after all has washed away
Fallen to the wraths of yesterday
The past is lost-beneath the churning wheel
Grinding all to dust
All that remains are bones and rust
Solo: Matt Taylor
Surging endless torrent
Shallow breath but the mouth is wide
Cascades of pallid future
Plastered grey, encased in time
Sinking like stones
Ripples of melting clay
The deluge casts judgment
All life absolved beneath the waves

The murk that flows in fetid streams of death
Will never stop till we're bones and rust
The vileness that drowns all life
Will never stop til we're bones and rust
Solo: Matt Taylor
Solo: Brandon Johnson
Bones and rust
Solo: Matt Taylor
All that remains are bones and rust
Track Name: Apathetic Existence
Given unto this life-without a reason
In bleak vastness-see me drowning
A mass of flesh-and hollow substance
Nothing to lose or win-beyond all corruption
And meaningless this sacrifice
If there's joy and pain in life, I am beyond
here to dwell and nothing more
The crumbling mechanisms that fall around-reveal apathy
Unimpressed by life or death-what's the purpose
What's the difference-evolution or creation
Neither sentient nor maladjusted-no want from life, nothing to offer
Aberration or adoration-cynic to some but not to every
Solo: Brandon Johnson
The laws of the universe are only the perceptions of man
And they don't all apply
To hate or love, to sink below or rise above
Well I don't understand
No thoughts on right or wrong, no thoughts upon the common cause
I don't give a damn
Self-righteous fools that preach the end and it don't mean a thing
Existence can fade away
I never understood what others feel, no need to belong
Always on my own
When I gaze upon the mirror my reflection's already erased
I can see through my face
This is my existence and it's all I have ever known
Drifting day to day
I'm not lost in the haze, it's my home, there's no path
No path to see, No path for me, Only apathy

Solo: Brandon Johnson
Track Name: Sleep Among the Dead
Your fate has come at last, it's written in my eyes
All your tomorrows are born tonite
Take all your fears star child, and cast them, all aside
Come the dawn you'll be shed of their lies
-Lay your body down
Let the stillness be one with you
-Rest your weary head
Cradled to my breast
-Still your beating heart
Breathing can cease within
-Worlds become one
This is not the end
-Lay your body down
Give up your mortality
-Rest your weary head
The universe expands
-Still your beating heart
Slip into eternity
-Worlds become one
When we sleep among the dead
I have come to gather all ye wayward souls
From all your endless traveling on
The time is night, release those mortal bindings you have known
My hands shall guide unto beyond
Your release is farewell to the Earth
Its no longer home to you
The life that awaits, too long denied
As another tomorrow dies
Separate from your birth, let go
Now the way is shown
Through the stars you'll ascend
When you sleep among the dead
Solo: Brandon Johnson

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